Loving More Than One

Polyamory as it relates to my life and written from my perspective only. MY thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Sorry to see you go

on August 9, 2009

110_F_5741972_D9D405LaJgoVUyBklDR6RvQgksF5x5D1It is with a sad heart on my behalf that I have learned the quad I first went to for advice and have stayed in touch with almost the whole existence of our own quad relationship has decided to stop posting to their blog.

I truly understand how, though painful and difficult to do, that they have had to make this decision. They have been much more faithful bloggers than I could ever hope to be. Have shared more than I can probably find it in myself to share. They have let us all see the pain and sorrow they have endured. Now, they have to step away in order to be able to focus more on what they need individually and as a whole.

Our quad has not seen near the heartache and even the joy that this one has. But, they’ve had more sorrow than joy I feel lately. And, especially since I feel that is turning out to be the case with our quad as well, I can understand the decision to do some healing without having to find the strength to post about it. From my experience, there are times that all you have in you is to live through the event/issue and you just do not have anything extra to be able to post and share.

I pray they start to find more of the joy and less of the sorrow.


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