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Had a Blast

on August 28, 2009


We all had a good time at the meet and greet last night. But, I, in particular seemed to have a blast. I talked alot. Just trying to get to know others and then, if asked a question, I’m going to answer it. It was something I had been wanting to do for a while and when I found out Chane was really interested as well, I made a point to try and get us all there.

See, I have online support. This blog, forums, etc. and I truly appreciate all of the people I have come in contact with and all the help I have received from all these places. And being anonymous can certainly have its advantages. You feel that you can tell it how it is at times without sugarcoating. I’ve gotten more free about what I post on this blog because I know that it is unlikely for anyone to actually meet my quad. The things I share could cause someone to have preconceived ideas about those I love and not give them a chance. I share things online that I would be more reluctant to share in person so soon after meeting someone. I really do get good feedback from my online friends. Never just taking my side in things. I get thoughts and questions from them that make me stop and think. I get support. Plain and simple. And I love that as well as need that.

Meeting people in person that have gone through some of the things we have and have the same lifestyle outlook we have was great as well. Just looking someone in the eye and knowing that here is someone that can relate to me is awesome. I was told that this was the biggest turn out they’ve ever had at a meet and greet. I believe 12 people in total. We had a young woman who had just turned 20 and she and her boyfriend had been in triad. I can’t imagine knowing at that age that I was mature enough for this. But, she was raised differently than I was. In fact, it was her mother that told this couple about our group and the meeting. We had at least one man that was a bit older than us and the rest seemed to be around our age. One couple, those in charge of the meeting, were more along the lines of just learning about poly and finding out what they were going to make it for themselves. Another couple that work in a liberal arena, universities professors, and each had a long distance relationship going with someone else. A couple that have been together and apart back and forth over the years. A couple of young men there by themselves. We, however were the only ones there with all our partners in tow. Hard to bring someone from Italy with you now isn’t it?

I think we had a diverse group and I enjoyed the conversation with everyone. I do think we need to look into a place where it is a bit easier to be heard. And it was mentioned to try and schedule some activities to do as a group.

While I’ve said that I still feel part of the swinger camp as well as the poly camp, it was different being with a poly group as opposed to a swingers group. Sure, at a swinger’s group no one things twice if you kiss more than one person…sex is after all what that is all about. But, being able openly show love to more than one and not have anyone blink an eye at that was great. It can still amaze me at times that more people are fine with spreading sex around that spreading love around.

If you don’t have a poly group you currently meet with, I encourage you to search one out in your area. I hope you are able to find one and that you can get what I did from last nights meeting. Having person to person talks as well as an online community is likely to turn out to be very balanced for me.

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