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Reconnecting With Hubby: A Date Night

on September 24, 2009

SBP0336771_VeerI follow several blogs. A few of my favorites are about sharing lives that are polyamorous or open marriages. Imagine that. That I would be interested in how someone travels those roads.

Anyway, one of these blogs was talking about closing their marriage for a couple of weeks to reconnect with each other. No contact of any kind with their OSO until things are back on track with them. They have been going through a rough patch.
While, Dirk and I haven’t been going through a rough patch, we have been a bit neglectful of taking the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Finances have been a strain lately, things going on in the lives of our children have added more stress and just Dirk’s shift work in general. The shift work we usually work with fairly well considering. We just make sure to take what time we can find together and make it count. With both the boys no longer living at home, you would think that we would have done a better job of that lately. It’s just been a case of letting life get in the way. Not talking much and we can not remember the last time we made love. Not a good thing.
So, I asked him yesterday afternoon if he would like to have a date with me last night. He was surprised and all for it.

It went extremely well. We decided to splurge (and I refuse to feel guilty about that) and went to a new place for dinner. A little place we have passed frequently and always said we were going to try. It was worth the trip. Seating consisted of a small bar, three high tables and maybe four low tables. The front of the place was a store of sorts that sells wine, cheese and other gourmet items and you find the restaurant at the back. Three employees there total. A bartender, a cool and a waiter. Good service and quality food. All together a rather nice experience. If you are interested check it out here.

We talked, held hands, flirted, and just generally spent that quality time we both stated was long overdue for us. We had time for all this since the dining experience there is not rushed in the least. In fact, do not go there if you are in a hurry. We just savored the evening and time went by without us being aware of it. The best kind of evening. We made it home and made up for the missed sex as well. Three times from night until morning. If we can’t remember specifically the last time we made love, you can imagine that the last time we did three times in a night has long slipped our memory. Are we just getting old? It didn’t used to faze us for that to happen. We still love sex with each other as much as ever. Well, we love sex period. Is it our ages? Or have we been letting live get too much in the way. We talked a bit about that last night. I told him I had been thinking about it. And sex seems to be a feast or famine thing with me. I’m either getting it a lot (from both my men) or I’m rarely getting it (again from both my men). He says it seems to be the same with him these days. I suppose we consciously need to make the time for sex the way we used to as well.

I’m thankful to the blog that made me realize I needed to make an effort to reconnect with my hubby and I’m thankful the man was in agreement with the whole thing. I’m thankful to have such a husband as he is. One that thinks these things are as important as I do. One that gets as much enjoyment out of the whole date as he does the sex. One that appreciates me for being me. One that has been willing to expand his experiences through the years with me. One who isn’t afraid to try something different and outside the box.

I’m one lucky wife! Wouldn’t you agree?


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