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Another Date Night: This One With Chane

on September 26, 2009

DVI0707014_Veer It finally happened!!! Chane and I were able to have a date night and get in some time for just the two of us!

There was a movie he had been wanting to see and a place for a light dinner I had been wanting to revisit.

We decided to see the movie first and headed to the mall. Since the movie was a little later starting than we had thought, we spent some time just wondering around the mall and doing some window shopping. A visit to the bookstore was included in that and, if someone goes to a bookstore with me, I will stay until they tell me they have had enough and are ready to leave. Chane knows this thankfully and doesn’t mind. I walk into a bookstore and take a deep breath…just to smell the books. Yeah, I’m a little on the strange side.

We made our way back to the theater and watched the movie. Not one I would have picked necessarily but not one I was opposed to viewing either. Turns out it was a nice surprise and I enjoyed it better than I thought I would. That happens sometimes with me. And truthfully, there are very few movies or genres that I just absolutely do not like. I’m open to trying something new even if it is a type I haven’t spent a lot of time getting into. It was an animated Tim Burton movie and discussing some of his movies over dinner with Chane, I learned some things about how much is involved in filming them.

We then headed to the Winery. I’ve been there several times in the past, in different combinations of our quad, and neither Chane not I have ever seen it as crowded as it was last night. It was great. A room that is generally closed was having a party, the main area had live music going and the outside area was full of people just having a good time. We had to sit outside and, as Chane said, it wasn’t bad but 10 degrees cooler would have been nice. It seems the place has come into its own. That others have discovered it and enjoy the experience. The wine list was larger and the menu was definitely more extensive. We chose a couple of light items from the menu to complement the main attraction. The wine. We chose to buy it by the glass so that we could get a couple of different kinds and sample each others. Unfortunately, we both had to drive home so we limited ourselves to one glass a piece and spent a little time just people watching after drinking that before leaving.

Just having a few hours last evening to spend with him was great. I need that and we do not get to fit it in as often as I would like. Nor, as often as Chane would like according to what he said last night. It makes me feel good to know he’d like to spend more time with me. Like I told him earlier in the week, I do not always know that he would like that.

I’m lucky to have the boyfriend I have. He enjoys trying new things. Doesn’t mind, and even encourages me to chose things that I want to do. He has come to realize that if I tell him I have no preference for what we spend our time doing that I mean that. If I want to do something specific, as I did last night, I will tell him.

It’s odd for me to have dates with both of my men in one week and, on top of that, all four of us went to the meet and greet again this month on Thursday. Man did it make for a lovely week for me!!


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