Loving More Than One

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Dining Out Tonight

on October 2, 2009

ISP2058177_VeerI know I said that I probably wouldn’t be going out with the others tonight. I still do not feel like soothing Arwen’s feeling and frankly, I do not think I should have to. Of course, I will not be ugly or anything but I will be going tonight. I just came to the conclusion that…eating out every other Friday evening with our grandson has started to be a tradition of sorts. We enjoy it and feel that Chane and Arwen would as well. And I don’t see Chane that often…why should I let Arwen’s behavior stop me from seeing him tonight and sharing the grandson with ?  shouldn’t let that happen.

My son and his wife may be here earlier than they originally thought. I hope they arrive in time to eat with us. Chane and Arwen enjoy their company and vice versa. I guess the possibility that even our youngest could make it to dinner. Considering all that he has been going through, it would probably be good for him to spend some time around other people. Even if it is family and all. We’ll see if I can get him to meet us.

I expect the evening to go well. Arwen will not say anything to me unfortunately. If she is unhappy about something regarding me, she still has a tendency to go to Dirk or Chane with it. I have told them both to send her my way. It isn’t for them to have to be go between with her and I. Besides, I can state my case for myself better than either of them could do for me. As adults, she should be willing to talk with me instead of wanting to get her answers from them. I still don’t get this about her. Why she won’t talk with me about things that we disagree on. It could be because I don’t let as much slide as the guys do. That I think she should be held as accountable for things as the rest of us. She doesn’t like to be held accountable and avoids having to do so as much as possible. She likes to blame others for things. One of those people who is never at fault. And I say that in all truth. This is one of those things you would know I am not just telling my side of if I could get the others to blog here as well.

Anyway,I still expect Arwen to have a good time tonight. Grandson is hard not to have a good time around and she loves children. If the sons and wife come as well, I expect she will have a really good time. And then we can’t forget that we are meeting some new friends we met at the poly meet and greets next Friday night for drinks. She is really having a good time at those get togethers.

Here’s to a nice evening with my family…those chosen and blood family  as well.


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