Loving More Than One

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Getting To Know New Friends Better

on October 10, 2009

AYI0402678_VeerThe four of us went out last night with some new friends. We met them through the poly meet and greet group.

What I commented on to both Dirk and Chane, at different times last night, was that this is a first. Each couple came into the relationship with friends, however, these are the first we’ve gotten to know all together. Not that we don’t spend time with friends each of us had before the relationship started, and have ourselves become friends with them, this is a little bit of a different dynamic. The four of us are getting to know people together, with us being seen as a quad and dyads. They know us from the beginning as poly…as an established relationship(s).

It’s rather freeing in a way. Arwen was commenting on they do not make her feel “threatened but that isn’t the right word”. I suggested that she feels they do not judge her and that’s it she said. She made this comment when Dirk told her he noticed how free she feels discussing being bisexuality with them. She is not very open about that to most people at all. I’ve enjoyed watching her have a good time getting to know them. Well, we all have enjoyed watching her. As well as enjoyed getting to know them better ourselves. We just feel really relaxed talking with them. Sharing things about all areas of our lives with them.

Hmmm…..what to call them here since I have not discussed with them if it is ok to share real names. Initials will have to do since I am not that creative. B and G are really fun people to be around. We each have things in common with one of the other. And things that the four of us may not have in common with each other. Where they are at in their life seems to be a lot like where we are at…age, kids, free time, etc. I sit back the few times we’ve been in their company and watch the others in my quad. I like seeing them enjoying themselves. I like seeing them interacting so freely with others. I do believe that, as we were comparing some places and things we have done with them last night, that every one of us mentioned “we’ll have to do this or this together”. I see a really great friendship in the works here. I feel very lucky to have met B and G through this group and to be getting to know them better outside of the group as well.

I’m enjoying building a new friendship with my quad and being open and honest from the beginning and being accepted as such. It is a very nice feeling.


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