Loving More Than One

Polyamory as it relates to my life and written from my perspective only. MY thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Meeting Arwen Again

on October 24, 2009


We went to the monthly Poly Meet and Greet this week. We all have a good time but, Arwen likes it best. Well, at least different. I’ve figured out that the woman likes to socialize. She hasn’t done much of that with anyone else since we’ve gotten together. At least it has been a while. With her working two jobs and the four of us trying to spend what available free time we have together, it has been difficult to socialize with anyone else.

This is different. We are all doing this together. Spending time with each other and meeting up with others. I have to admit that I am enjoying it quite a bit myself.

I notice that when we are at these meetings, Arwen comes alive. It has dawned on me that I miss seeing her like this. Like she was when we first met.

I’ve mentioned that we spent an evening out with one of the couples we met through this group for just some fun. We all had a blast. I don’t know if I have mentioned here that this is the first friends we have developed as a quad. Other friends one couple or the other had before we met. This in itself has been a great experience. We started a friendship with someone not hiding anything about our relationship. We all find that great.

Arwen was also able to help one woman out at the meet and greet. The topic of conversation caused her to get upset with her husband…poly is something she is trying to get her head around. She left the room and Arwen went after her. I stayed to explain to her husband why she might be feeling this way since he wasn’t sure I guess. I eventually went to check on Arwen and this woman and talked with her a bit myself. But, for Arwen, this was her in her element. She likes, no needs to, feel needed. Through these outings, I’m seeing the Arwen my husband fell in love with. The one that I wanted to befriend no matter how hurt I was.

Arwen is in her element. I am enjoying watching her bloom as she did. I have to make sure we keep this a part of our lives so that she, nor the rest of us, miss out on the fun and what we learn about each other again.

Hello, Arwen, it’s nice to meet you again.


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