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The Most Awesome Husband

on October 27, 2009

CBP0002314_VeerI have the most awesome husband. I was sad writing my post yesterday. He read it and we talked. He reminded me that the relationship that Chane and I have is very young, especially compared to the one Dirk and I have. It has taken he and I a lot of years, more than most couples are together these days, to get where we are. Chane and I aren’t going to get close to that for years to come.

He reminded me that Chane has made strides in being what I need. He isn’t as open as Dirk is in sharing feelings. He really isn’t comfortable yet, he tries to do this because I need it from him. That yes, he is used to how Arwen communicates and has gotten used to, even in the habit of, responding to her behavior and how she likes things handled. But, he does love me enough to try for my sake.

And I do know that Chane loves me. He looks at me with love and he touches me with love.

Dirk also told me that it took him years to figure out how to “handle” me. If he can do it, he is sure that Chane can as well.

I guess you’d have to consider me high maintenance then. Not something I’m terribly proud of but, apparently true all the same.

I love my husband! He rocks!


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