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Football Season in the South

on November 7, 2009

SEC football pinwheelOur loves are at a football game today. Their oldest son is home for a visit. He is in the Air Force and stationed in London. None of them have been to a football game for the college team they support. All of them have been very excited about this trip. Even Arwen who doesn’t get into sports the way the other three of us do.

We’ve heard from them several times since they have been gone and they are having a great time! Dirk and I are watching the game at home and recording it for them. A visual memory for them to have of this time.

It’s odd for us to be hoping their team wins. Dirk, I and Chane (with Arwen by default following Chane’s team) all support SEC teams. Now that is a very competitive conference for football. One of the toughest conferences in the whole country. We talk trash all year long but especially during football season.

You have to wonder about me. I married a fan of what I would say is our second biggest rival (at least in terms of the number of years the rivalry has been strong) and acquired a boyfriend that is a fan of my teams biggest rivals. Am I glutton for punishment or what? I always want my team to win. But when it comes to who I’ll support if my team can’t win the conference, I struggle a bit. Both my men are true blue fans of their team. As much I am of mine. How can I decide which team I’d like to win between the teams of both men I love?

Any way, Dirk and I are happy that our loves are having such a good time. We can’t wait until they get home and we get to hear all about things from them and their son. It’s a good day for them today.

Oh, and as of now, their team is winning the game.


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