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Starting College

on December 12, 2009

I don’t often blog about my children.I try to leave them a chance of a privacy even though I write anonymously for the most part.

The youngest of the two sons Dirk and I have is starting college. Things have just not seemed to fall into line for the child. Jobs, roommates, girlfriend (though that is definitely doing better for him) and he has been down, depressed lately. Understandable.

He called today. With aggravating news on the roommate situation. Someone he thought was a true friend has let him down in that area in a big way. Financially, these are worries for us as well since we do not have funds to run two households. But, you can find yourself telling them to calm down, that he’ll find a way to make things work. Why would we do that? Well, he finally had good news and he needed that so much. He needs to be able to concentrate on that for just a bit.

He seems to be getting some aid for school, he spoke with someone that is over the program he is working towards getting into, made contacts with a couple of students in different stages of that program that he is going to be able to draw on for help and encouragement, and he had one of the coaches at the school approach him about trying out for the team and at the end of that road is a slight possibility of a scholarship. He’s very excited about starting classes in a few weeks and he really needs that attitude after about six months of having  nothing go right in his attempt to live on his own.

He is so capable and has always had confidence (not arrogance) in himself. That has really suffered lately. I’m going to look at the school situation as a sign that things are turning around for him.


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