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My Football Woes (I’m Such An Odd Girl)

on January 15, 2010

My football team lost their coach this week. Not nicely. The former coach left us in the a tight spot. I feel the athletic director hasn’t handled this situation well at all.

I’ve been irritated and anxious about who will replace him and what this all means for the football program’s future since it happened. Both Dirk and Chane get a kick out of how involved I get about my team.

Well, we have a new coach as of a few hours ago and I’m not sure what I feel about him. His predecessor I was never sure of and he left after only one season. Do we have a contract that will hinder this coach from doing the same? Due to the violations performed by the coach that just left, did we have to settle for someone? Or is he really what we need? And why do I let it get to me?

Dirk, Chane and I are fans of different teams. Both the teams they follow are the biggest rivals of my team. And we are all in the toughest conference around. We smack talk amongst ourselves in good fun. But the truth is, each of us is very loyal to our team and care about what happens. It’s just a bit odd that me, a girl, feels as strongly as they do.

Well, I’m telling myself that I need to sit back and see how things go before making up my mind. He does deserve a chance. And, at a glance, he appears to be a man of more integrity that the one who just left.

Maybe now my mood will improve somewhat.

UPDATE: I think he has made me buy into things. He really impressed me with his press conference. It will take a few years but, I think he will be able to make a difference.


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