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Contemplating A Move

on February 15, 2010

I’m currently contemplating moving my blog. If you would like the new address, please send me an email.

I feel the need to keep my blog public but have no wish to cause problems. I feel that starting in another place may be the answer for all my concerns. Please have patience with me while I make the change.

I’ve already made past posts here private. I needed to leave the blog itself public in order to redirect readers to the new one.


8 responses to “Contemplating A Move

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    Maybe I am blind but I don’t see your email address anywhere. Regardless, I would like to follow you wherever you may go (if you would like me to!).

    As I’ve posted in your comments before, my relationships are fairly traditional- but I enjoy following along with your blog and your relationships ups and downs. I think my general thought these days is that it seems like any other relationship but with ups and downs X4!! ha ha- you are brave!

  2. mseuphrates says:

    I can haz blog address? I’ve been following via a feed I made for my LJ (one of the perks of having a paid account over there is that I can create feeds, and just read stuff on my friends page – it’s awesome, I love livejournal). 🙂

    Euphrates (yep, same one from PPercs). 😀
    My e-mail if you don’t have it elsewhere is mseuphrates2@yahoo.com. 😀

    • ourquad says:


      Hey there! I’m sure you’ve noticed that I only use my LJ account to keep up with my friends blogs. I started blogging here and like it for the most part.

      You seem to really enjoy the LJ platform and I may have to look more into that.

      Email at ourquad@gmail.com

  3. I’ve been following this blog for about a month using Google reader for the feeds. I’ve found your writing to be insightful, witty and funny. I’d rather not see your blog disappear off the web. There are not many poly folks that are willing to tackle what you do in public space. Whatever is going in real life I hope calms down soon.

    As to continuing to follow you, I couldn’t find a hint of an email address. I’m grateful that you posted again so I could plead my case, please don’t go. I just found your blog. But have you considered just making some of your posts password protected? Only approved and trusted readers can log on and read using a password that you provide. I use the password feature when I’m discussing personally identifying info about my oso. Maybe this feature could help you preserve your blog and the family peace. Whatever you choose, follow your bliss and let peace follow.

    • ourquad says:

      @Isabella LeCour

      I’m glad you have enjoyed reading my blog. You’ve fit the reason I have it square on. I won’t be disappearing not matter what I decide. I had thought of that but just don’t think I can completely let something go I have spent so much time on. I would just be moving my posts to a blog of a different name.

      You’ve given me a good idea though. About making some of my posts private. I just don’t know which I could do that on and still have the blog accomplish what I want. I want it to show how things are for us. The things that are the same as monogamous couples face and the extra we may be confronted with as choosing to live a polyamorous life.

      Email me at ourquad@gmail.com

  4. audreywilsonmiller says:

    I would like to continue reading your blog as well. But….I can’t find your email.

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