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Nope I WASN’T Going To Do the Valentine Thing

on February 18, 2010

Yes, I said I was swearing off any Valentine or anniversary celebration this year. I wasn’t considering how important it is to Dirk to celebrate the milestones of our relationship. So, he took Saturday off so that we could spend the day, evening and night celebrating the anniversary of our first date. (It is sooo hard for me to believe that was 28 years ago.) And then I told Chane I would meet him Sunday afternoon and we’d do something.

Knowing that Dirk and Arwen needed to do some talking, I suggested to him Friday night that he and I do something Saturday and he see Arwen Saturday night since he had the evening off and his schedule wasn’t allowing another day for a week or so. He wasn’t going for it but I did get him to promise to think about it.

We talked some more Saturday morning and once I convinced him I was ok with this he was ok. I simply explained to him that sometimes one priority is more important than another one. In this case, it was more important for him to have some time with Arwen than spend all the time he had off with me. So, my plan was for him to spend some time with Arwen Saturday night and me to see Chane Sunday. It didn’t pan out that way. We all had supper together Saturday night and then went our separate ways…Dirk with Arwen and Chane with me. Turns out both pairs went to the movies.

Chane and Arwen saw The Wolfman Friday night and Dirk and I were going to see it Saturday night before our plans changed. Arwen saw this movie with Dirk again on Saturday night. Chane and I went to see something else. Now I’m the only one of us that hasn’t seen this movie and I wanted to. I’m not upset with Dirk that he went with Arwen. But, truthfully, if I had known he would even consider doing so (he normally is specific about if he made plans with one of us first then he makes sure he does that thing with whoever he had the plans with), I probably would have asked him not to. Just so that I could have seen it as well. And, as anyone who has seen a movie they’ve been looking forward to, they talked about it some in front of me. I tried to either leave the room or ask them not to say anything. But, that’s hard to do when it is fresh on all their minds. I do understand that. I’d go by myself if the opportunity was there. Just with the schedule Dirk has coming up and they fact that he and I have been sick, makes that highly unlikely.

He did get sick late Saturday night. Very sick. When Arwen would come and get me throughout the night, I had trouble telling if it was because Dirk wanted me or arwen didn’t quite know what to do with him. I think it was some of both. LOL He was sick until Wednesday and I caught whatever it was (a stomach bug) on Tuesday. Thankfully we are both doing better.

Even though Dirk was sick, I did enjoy the time we all had together. I needed time with Chane as well as Dirk needing time with Arwen.


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