Loving More Than One

Polyamory as it relates to my life and written from my perspective only. MY thoughts, feelings and opinions.

The Weekend Was Great!!

on March 1, 2010

Oh my, we all had a great weekend! (Even if we were all sneezing, coughing and congested.)

We went to Arwen and Chane’s house Friday night and we all four spent some time together that evening. Arwen and Dirk got up early enough to take their (K&T) son to work and they started on their day in town. Before leaving, they both came into the room and kissed their respective spouses goodbye and left us in bed. (Now if that isn’t a poly moment I don’t know what is.) Chane and I got up a little later ate a bit of breakfast, I talked to the youngest son for a bit, and then we got ready and went to town ourselves.

We met up with them at an antiques shop where we all enjoyed looking around and Arwen loved it (it was her first time in one). We left there and went in search of lunch and found it at a place none of us had ever been to and loved the food. We separated then for some dyad time. Turns out both couples went to see a movie. Chane and I shopped a bit before our movie started and Dirk and Arwen did after their movie ended. Then Dirk and Chane went to pick up the son and Arwen and I went to look at some shoes she thought I would like and Dirk told her I wouldn’t.( Arwen was right and I own the shoes now…I liked them and they were on sale for a very good price….and it’s been too long since I bought a pair of shoes.) Then Arwen and I went to met the guys as another place we haven’t eaten before (well Chane has once).

Sunday, we were going to go bowling since I had gotten so late on us the night before and we couldn’t then. But, all of us were still feeling allergy/cold symptoms and we stayed around the house. Did this and that. Arwen and I worked on a photo collage she is giving her mother-in-law for Mother’s day. It turned out nice and it’s going to go over very well with the recipient. She and I spent the time in the kitchen while supper was going.

I had a great weekend with a couple of minor issues with our children that I did not let ruin it for me.

It was fun and I’d call it a happy poly moment….well a happy poly weekend. Quad time and dyad time all mixed up together. I success in my book.


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