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Blood Pressure Control

on April 1, 2010

About a year ago I went to the doctor for a sinus infection I believe it was and discovered I had high blood pressure. I was put on a low dose beta blocker and it worked for a while.

I’ve been having some issues that I didn’t attribute to the high blood pressure. I have anxiety/panic attacks and have for years. The high blood pressure is relatively new. I fell back on what I was familiar with to explain the health issues. Finally, Friday night it dawned on me that some of this could be my blood pressure as well.

Thank God I did that.

My blood pressure was dangerously high. It was all weekend. The weekend we spent with Chane and Arwen. It really put a damper on our plans but because my BP was so high, I truly had to take it easy in an effort to bring it down. Well, I ended up going to the doctor because I couldn’t get in under control. My meds have been increased twice this week and still this morning it is high. Even after taking the full dosage. I can not continue to come in and always around the Stage Two Hypertension.

Chane has high blood pressure at times and he really understood how I was feeling. Every one was sympathetic. He just could tell me which things I was going through that my blood pressure was directly related to.

Well, that’s really enough to say about this other than…this has truly scared me. And those in my life.


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