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Life is Giving Me Writer’s Block?

on May 15, 2010

I’ve go quite a few  issues going on in my life right now that all could use a post on my part…writing about things helps me see them a bit better.

However, I can not seem to get anything down in writing. Not that these things are not constantly on my mind but I just can’t get them all out. Maybe because there are several. Maybe because they overlap. I think the biggest thing is the health issues. They keep be constantly tired and my brain doesn’t seem to function as well.

The health issues are serious and have to the potential to be very serious. I have an issue that makes it highly possible that I may never get to see my grandson again. Also, I am going through very serious issues with Chane at the moment. It isn’t clear if we will be able to work through these or not. They truly may boil down to conflicts between our most basic personalities. The health issues interfere a bit in how I react an respond. They do not change the fact that we’ve been struggling with this for a long while now. It’s just reached a deal breaker.

I hope this small post will help get past a writer’s block so to speak. That it opens up my ability to get things out. Bare with me please.


4 responses to “Life is Giving Me Writer’s Block?

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    Good luck working past your writers block. I get it from time to time as well… sometimes I could write 3 posts a day and then I go weeks without anything to say (like lately). Hopefully you can figure out how to get it out soon, so that it can help you sort out your issues. 🙂

    …have I mentioned how much I love your layout? I really love it. Like, really. Really.

    • It’s an odd thing isn’t it? Writing and inspiration? It’s all inside but not coming out in any form. At least not in a coherent thought process. I’m having a talk with Chane this weekend and I hope that helps our issues an this one as well.

      I’m glad you like the layout. It’s one of the newer themes and when I saw it I like it as well. And I think it is easy on the eyes. It is available to you as well. But I like the changes you made to yours as well.

  2. Hugs and comfort to you. When your health is bad everything else is ten times harder.

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