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I Was Neglectful

on August 24, 2010

I was so busy this weekend with meetings and training for my business(es) than I failed to keep in touch with Chane. It wasn’t intentional at all. Just time got away from me.

He took care of this for us. He made sure we talked. I appreciate that. And truthfully, it made me feel important to him. A reminder that he does loves me, miss me and that I am important to him. That’s always delightful.


2 responses to “I Was Neglectful

  1. Racheal Jacobs says:

    Often times, with our almost quad and 8 children, we can find it difficult to find the time for all of our partners especially since three of us work and three of us also attend college.

    Oftentimes, I think we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take a break for one another.

    I just fell upon your blog today, and I am already enjoying it.

    • oneof4 says:

      Yes, life dies have a way of doing that. I try to make contact with Chane every day. We live two hours apart and don’t see each other much. Well, not enough for either of us.

      I’m glad yoy enjoy the blog. Life has gotten in the way of mr posting as much on it. It miss that some.

      Email me if you don’t mind. Quads aren’t that common and I would love to hear about yours.

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