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Football and My Men

on September 14, 2010

This past weekend was full of SEC football and time with our other halves.

The football went well for my men, since their teams won but, for me, it was worse, yet better than expected. We lost, and by more than was predicted but it had some good points as well. We’ll get things back together. It will just take a while.

I watched most of the two games for my men. A little difficult for one since it was played at the same time as mine. I had my laptop (with headset) in the room with the tv while Chane’s team played. Dirk played earlier in the day all by himself. (Next week his team plays at the same time as mine because we play each other.)

Had a nice lazy weekend with Chane and Arwen. It went by too fast. Usually does. And I miss him more than normal right after we’ve left.

I’ve talked with a friend about his situation in missing his girlfriend when he doesn’t get to see her as often as he’d like, and it reminded me that I still need to be happy with what I have instead of what I don’t have. I’m lucky to have two men to love and who love me.


2 responses to “Football and My Men

  1. Rast says:

    This has become an ongoing discussion recently in our house. Both Latis (my wife) and I tend to go through a period of “funk” after spending quality time with our girlfriend (Aine) and her husband (Beli). We just spent this past weekend with them and it was unexpected and sort of unplanned. On Sunday all three of us where feeling “funky” and missing each other more than normal. Glad to know it isn’t just our group that has this happen.

    At any rate I am glad you got quality time with both of your men! It makes those times in between more bearable when we think about those good times don’t it?

    • oneof4 says:

      Yes, it sure makes it easier. The weekend we get to spend with them is always the one weekend Dirk has off. And he is off the next couple of days as well. It makes it difficult to be interested in going to work.

      It’s just the weekends spent together make it come to mind what it would be like if we lived together or closer. These days it’s about the only time I get sleep with Chane. Ideally, I’d like to know have this many days a month with him and this many days a month with Dirk. I would like a schedule. But, that isn’t to be at this time.

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