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So Why the Posts on Communication?

on February 22, 2011

Wondering why the posts on communication?

Well, as I’ve said, and most people in poly will say, it is the key. I just feel it is the key to any relationship. Effective communication can benefit all areas of you life, romantic, family, work…any where. So, I just researched some on the subject and shared it. I wanted to provide a few guidelines for those interested in improving communication instead of just stating how important it is.

As for me personally, I’ve used the techniques I’ve listed here. And I find I’m most effective at asking questions, with the reflective listening. I want to state specifically at times that “This is what I am hearing and understanding you to say….Is this what you are meaning?”

With the sending messages aspect, I find that I feel statements are not as threatening. For example…”I feel X when Y happens.” “I feel excluded when you don’t keep me in the loop about things that are important to you. I know that isn’t your intention. Can you work with me on a way to reach a middle ground with this?” Maybe he’ll tell me more about things, maybe not. How I feel is valid but it doesn’t have to change anything for him. I need to also work on this not being an issue for me. But telling him how I feel instead of saying “You exclude me when you don’t keep me in the loop.” means he will be less likely to take what I have to say as a criticism right off the bat. And it really is how I feel. It may not be what he perceives he is doing.

I hope you can make us of the information I’ve given you here in your life. Good communication has to become a habit I feel. It’s so easy to fall back into old patterns of not doing it effectively. Even I, who values communicating with those in my life vey much, find I don’t always do it effectively.


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