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One Son Down, Another To Go

on February 23, 2011

One son got a job and is finishing up orientation today!!!! He’s very happy and  we are as well. It means he and his wife may move in with us for a while since they don’t live here and the job is here. He’s already asking if we know places to rent. I feel it would help them save up some money if they moved in with us for a bit.

The other son is a bit discouraged. He hasn’t heard anything from his job interview and is still putting in applications. It always seems like when things start to go right for him that something happens to set him back. He lives a bit over three hours from us and we are supporting him at the moment. So, we’ll be glad when he gets a job for more than one reason.

Here’s to things going well for both of them at the same time.



2 responses to “One Son Down, Another To Go

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    Hey, that’s awesome news!! Whoo hoo!

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