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Allergy Season

on March 2, 2011

I really have got to find a way to get some relief from this. I used to take a prescription daily for this. Then I started having problems with my blood pressure and they took me off the meds. They had a decongestant in them since I just don’t drain well at all but these make BP go up.

I hate the swollen, runny, itchy eyes I get the most of all. Not only is is uncomfortable but I look bad. (Enough that people ask if I’m feeling bad.) And for some reason, I’m always sleepy and tired with this. Never really been able to get that one.

I need to get the the doctor just to discuss this and see if there are different options. Take allergy meds and increase BP meds as well. I just don’t know the trade off. But work is so very busy that I haven’t been able to get away for something so routine. At least in my head I can’t justify it.

So, I’m being a whiny butt today.


8 responses to “Allergy Season

  1. As a fellow allergy sufferer, I can really relate to your post. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sharon says:

    This is not an immediate fix, but I’ve heard that if you can find “local” honey and take a teaspoon daily, that it help build your resistance to allergens. The hardest part is to find honey that is produced locally. I found some of the nasal sprays to work really well (Nasonex) to help promote draining and they aren’t supposed to have any effect on BP. They won’t help the eyes though. My sympathies.

    My husband gets serious allergy migraines, but his body reacts to most of the medications contray to everyone else, so when we find one that actually works, we stock up. He got a bunch for Christmas.

    • I’ve heard that about honey as well. It must not work for me though. And that’s because we’re all so very different aren’t we? I love honey and I am fortunate to be able to get some rather close to here. No more than an hour away that is made locally.

      I sympathize with your husband. I used to get migraines frequently all by their selves. When I have a sinus headache I can’t get rid of it still turns into one. Migraines with me are a hereditary issue.

  3. IntrigueMe says:

    LOL! You’re allowed to be a whiny but sometimes!

  4. rohese says:

    As an allergic person who’s been on daily meds for the past 20 years, the only things that have worked well for me have been Rhinocort (a corticosteroid) and Zyrtec. Neither have decongestants, but if you can get your sinuses from congesting in the first place… I don’t know what the relationship with BP meds is for those, but nothing else has allowed me to feel like a human.

    • Thank you. I’ve never tried the Zyrtec to be honest. Allegra D and Claritin D have been what I used on a daily basis. I appreciate your help and will talk to the doctor about the Zyrtec I believe.

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