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Not Happy?

on March 7, 2011

Dirk told me this weekend that I don’t seem happy. I had to really stop and think about that. I’m not unhappy. I know that.

I’ve thought about this alot. Wondering if the breakup is bothering me more than I realized. I don’t think so. I think life has just gotten me down in general. Financial stress, work stress, not getting to spend time with Dirk due to his schedule. And it’s been since January since he and I have actually had a date. The last time he and I had “fun” so to speak. Hoping to change that this month in a couple of ways.

I believe when some of the pressures are eased up a bit, that I will be more myself. I won’t have things constantly going on in my head. I just need a little stress relief  (was looking for that weekend before last but things came up). And I want to spend some fun time with Dirk. In a social setting. Sometimes the dates nights we have at home get too routine. Too much like everyday.

Our plans are to do something for St. Patrick’s Day. We try to every year. I’m looking forward to that. I like dates I plan for. What I will wear, what we will do…the anticipation of it all. The ability to escape life for a few hours with someone I love.

And therein is most likely it in a nutshell. I need some escape and I want to share that with him. Just haven’t been able to.


2 responses to “Not Happy?

  1. You should hit up your local dollar store for some of those green clover shaped glasses and have a whacky night out. Something funny to relieve your stress. Laughter is the best medicine! (I could use some lately, too!)

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