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Drawing The Line About What You Post

on March 9, 2011

One thing about not being in our previous relationships with Arwen and Chane is that the drama is gone. Do not get me wrong, the drama was painful and stressful when it existed. It does mean I don’t have it to post about here. I don’t have anything regarding that I need to talk out. So, I wonder at times how to come up with post ideas. So far, I’ve hit on enough to keep things going but I’m looking and writing down ideas to refer back to when I need an idea.

One is from a young woman who’s blog I read (we actually read each others) and she has been doing the Thirty Days of Truth off and on as she gets the chance. I considered doing this but looking at the topics for each day, I don’t know that I can post all those things publicly. Some ideas are indeed very personal. I would be willing to write them in my personal journal but there isn’t a need. I’ve dealt with these things from my past and I do not have a need to revisit that at the moment. Nor do I want to visit some of these things in such a public way…a few are things that I wouldn’t discuss with anyone except Dirk. And some are just for for me in the long run.

I don’t like the idea of a password on some of my posts. I certainly understand why some people would do this. But with all the issues I’ve had regarding MY blog, I don’t want to go there for personal reasons.

Which leaves me with, do I not do that series at all or just chose the ones I feel I can post on without a password. I’m leaning toward the latter. It isn’t that I’m reluctant to share with my readers. I share with them. But, I do try to keep some sort of autonomy with this blog. Some things would, not only be too personal, but would reveal too much about my identity. But I don’t want to miss out on sharing what I can here.

Do you ever find that some things are just way more than you are willing to put out there in the public sphere? I mean it is recorded for all to see for basically all time. You can delete the post or the blog or whatever but by putting things in a forum such as this, you have to be realistic enough to know it will most likely always be able to be found somehow. Once posted it will never again belong to just you.

I’m not willing to have it all out there. For example, I may not mind telling you that I was sexually abused but I DO mind going into the specifics of that. I don’t mind saying I like sex but for the most part, I don’t share the details of that with you. (Not good at that writing type either.) I don’t mind telling you generalities about my children but I don’t get too specific out of respect for them. They have a right to privacy and not to be associated in such a public way with the lifestyle we have chosen since they do not agree with it.

See, I don’t want to share it all here. Are you the same? Are some things just for you, and maybe a select few, but not for everyone?

It’s because it makes me vulnerable as well. I won’t deny this. Some things about me you need to earn the right to know. If that makes me arrogant then I am.

I suppose this has just been a stream of consciousness writing and it boils down to…where do you readers draw the line at what you blog about?


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