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St. Patrick’s Day This Year

on March 15, 2011

If you are a regular reader, you most likely know I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Being a significant amount of Irish in my heritage is part of that. A good reason to know of at least one time a year you will party is another. LOL

The best celebration Dirk and I have ever had was in Savannah, Ga. Here’s a link for where I’d like to be on my way to. It isn’t in the cards that we make it there this year. Not only financially but just not possible. For the last two years, the only conference I make sure I get to go to for my work has been the week of St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t ask me why. But I get so much out of this conference, I choose it to attend if I only get to go to one a year.

So, we’ll still be in Florida for St. Patrick’s Day on the east coast. We’ll be going back to where we found last year. Nice place, nice food, reasonable price, nice music (Irish downstairs and rock upstairs). Conference will be over that day and I won’t have to go back the next morning. We’ll get the chance to have some fun I hope.

I’ll be happy to have the chance and maybe next year they will choose a different week for this conference and we can head back to one of Dirk’s favorite places. We need to try to make a visit there any way if we can squeeze in the time and money.


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