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Days of Truth: Something You Hope To Do In Your Life

on March 26, 2011

I hope to travel. Dirk has a Scottish ancestry and I have an Irish one (both with American Indian mixed in) and we hope to make it to Scotland and Ireland at the least one day.

I’ve know many years about my Irish background but didn’t know about the same amount of Cherokee Indian in my heritage until recently. I’ll be looking into that some more as well. I imagine that I will find a way to embrace that in some way as well I imagine. I like learning about things like that and how to I can incorporate it into my life.

We want to travel to many places, both distant and within a day of us. It is our dream. Though we haven’t planned well financially for that I will admit. But we do hope to have quite a few years left to make these trips in.

In some ways I feel that we have put off a few of the short trips in the last years because it wasn’t something that all four of us could do. And with limited time to spend together, we chose to spend what time we had with Arwen and Chane. No regrets. This last year or two we have not been as financially solvent as we have in the past and that hasn’t helped.

I don’t know that we will totally pass up the travel opportunities in any new relationships we have in the future. Even if Dirk is working shift work, we deserve to live some of the dreams we have had for years. Whether we chose to do so on our own or with others. Just because we are in relationships, doesn’t mean we can’t still fulfill dreams we have had for us for years now. That is one of the things I’ve learned since the breakup.

Not only did I let someone have control over the relationship I had with Chane, but both Dirk and I made sacrifices in dreams we had. In part due to some circumstances beyond our control. Chane and Arwen even didn’t so some things (like a trip to see their son overseas) because of things under Arwen’s control. I hate that for Chane especially. Arwen chose not to not go instead of making the effort to face the consequences of some of her actions. Thereby, keeping at least Chane from going and possibly Dirk and I as well. Too much control was given to her. I’ve always felt Chane should have gone without her because of that. Not wanting to make the effort required on her part.

Back on topic. I want to travel. I want to see where my people are from. And I don’t want to totally give up my dreams for any new relationship.


2 responses to “Days of Truth: Something You Hope To Do In Your Life

  1. Gene says:

    I put many of my dreams on hold to for my last relationship and I promised myself to never do that again. Even now, as much as I love Yvonne, when and if it comes time for me to travel or leave this area, I am making my own decision for my own reason and she is free to do as she wishes…either accompany me or not

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