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Days of Truth: Someone You Didn’t Want to Let Go, But Just Drifted

on April 12, 2011

In high school, my best friend was a guy. Yep, really. We tried the boyfriend/girlfriend thing once. Best friends is what we ended up as.

I stayed in touch with him through letters even after I was married. Considering how jealous Dirk would get in the beginning this is actually amazing I suppose. Then again, even though they had never met (still haven’t) I think he could tell what it was with us.

I guess I should say that I had to move away while still in high school and that’s the beginning of the drifting. Of course the same may have happened after graduating even if we lived in the same state.

He and I kept in touch. I got married and we kept in touch. He got married and it started being just Christmas cards from him. Then it was Christmas cards signed by his wife. Then it was nothing.

I haven’t heard from him in years.

I google him to try and find him now, have looked on Facebook and such and I can’t find him.

I’d really like to get in touch with him to catch up.

I guess we lost touch because he got married. It’s the mono thing I imagine. I thought this before poly ever entered my life. I can’t think of much else. I don’t suppose his wife liked him keeping in touch with another woman, much less an old girlfriend (even if that was very, very brief). A concept that I’ve never really embraced even when mono.

I would like to know how he is doing, where he’s at in his life. Does he have grandchildren yet? Maybe not, as if I remember correctly his children are a few years younger than mine. But you never know.

Oh, one thing I know from the Christmas cards is that we have sons with the same name….one of each of ours. And he named another of his a name Dirk and I were thinking of. Just odd, interesting facts.

Anyway, I’d love to sit down with him alone, with him and our partners as well, and catch up one day.


2 responses to “Days of Truth: Someone You Didn’t Want to Let Go, But Just Drifted

  1. Sharon says:

    This sounds so familiar. However, I did find my first love (we had been friends since we were 13 and then dated for 3 months after high school) on facebook but there is no real communication. It is nice to see pictures and know that he is doing well and enjoying his life. I would love to be able to re-establish that friendship.

    • Yes, I think I’d at least like to see that he is doing well.

      It’s so easy in the best of circumstances to lose touch. It’s a sad thing at times. He’s one of those people that I feel like I could just talk to like the years hadn’t passed.

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