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Make a top ten list of favorite things to do you haven’t done in over a year

on April 19, 2011

Things I haven’t done in over a year that I like to do? Wow, it’s amazing that so much time will go by without you doing something you like and you do not even realize it. It’s for different reasons that I haven’t done some of these. Money, time, choosing to spend time differently (with those you love), etc.

In no particular order as to enjoyment:

1. This makes it first on the list first because we are hoping to mark this off this weekend. Tour of wineries. Dirk and I enjoy this. It’s been more than a year since we’ve done this actually. It’s been several. Time has been a factor. This is something best done on a weekend since we do not have any close by. We spent his weekends off with Chane and Arwen. Since this is something not all of us would like, we didn’t do it I suppose. Money is an issue as well and none of us had it just any time we wanted to go. Since none were close by, it would involve spending the night somewhere. And me, well, if I’m touring wineries I’m going to want to bring home some of what  I sampled. I like wine.

2. Travel and see new places. Dirk and I like to see new places. We haven’t traveled any where new in a while.

3. Go to Savannah. Ok, this is absolutely one of Dirk’s favorite places. We haven’t been in about 5 years. Not since we met Chane and Arwen. We really wanted to go there with them. I can’t tell you why it didn’t happen really. We suggested it more than once.

4. Picnics. The kind you have at the house and the kind you have outside. I suppose I could have made these separate but they are the same thing. I just enjoy having them both places. It’s been a couple of years since Dirk and I have been on a picnic of any kind. The last one was at the beach watching the sunset.

5. Spending the day in bed with a lover. It’s been a while since we’ve done this. Shift work makes is difficult. We only have one weekend off a month. As stated, we chose to spend them with others until the breakup. Meaning this weekend was time we concentrated on our other loves. Truthfully, I’d have liked to do this with Chane as well. Never was able to. Partly because he needs to get up with his back and partly because Arwen wanted us up if she was up and about.

I’d like to get this on our schedule (yes, I’m not above scheduling this) with Dirk. It shouldn’t matter that our son and daughter-in-law have moved in. Maybe they’ll even take care of the dogs for us.

6. Photography. I haven’t just grabbed up my camera and taken pictures in who knows how long. I haven’t used my darkroom since before the boys were in their accident. I haven’t hand colored a photo since then either. (My artistic endeavors have been in crochet for a few years now. I’ve crocheted since I was 8 and my grandmother taught me. I’m just really accomplishing better things these day.)

7. Read. Well, it hasn’t been over a year since I read a book but I don’t do this as often as I used to. I guess you could say it’s been over a year since I’ve read 3 or more books in one week. I like to own my books and I’ve had to chose what I spend my money and time on lately.

8. Regular date nights. I don’t have regular date nights any more. I used to have a regular date each month with Chane. And with Dirk as well. How has it come about that I don’t get a regular date with either of them. A regular date is one I know is coming, one I can anticipate at least each month and know I will have that time with a lover. (I did have a date with Dirk Friday night and I knew about it for a week. I got to anticipate it. It was just the first in a while and I like to know I’m going to have them regularly.)

9. A pedicure. I haven’t had a professional pedicure in w while now. I used to go on a regular basis. It’s the money. With supporting our youngest funds are tight right now. That’s something I can save money on. I’d really like to have one soon though.

10. A bath. Don’t get me wrong, my hygiene is fine. I just haven’t had a bath more than a year. I take showers. Our house has two bathrooms and the smallest was mine while the other was the boys bathroom (named so when our children lived at home and all three guys shared it). Repairs need to be made to the one was mine. We are down to one bathroom right now and while it was just Dirk and I, that wasn’t too much of a problem. But the bathtub in this one is so not comfortable to relax in. Uncomfortable enough that I just won’t try a bath in it any longer. I would like to run a tub full of hot water, bubble or not, light some candles, play some soothing music, and have a glass of wine and just unwind.


2 responses to “Make a top ten list of favorite things to do you haven’t done in over a year

  1. Sharon says:

    We did #5 while out backpacking once. Well, not all day, but all afternoon. The snow was deep, it was cold and we didn’t have snowshoes so we spent all day in the sleeping bags (which we zipped together), even cooked in bed. The biggest problem it was too cold that clothing was NOT optional ;). Not exactly the same thing, but it was fun.

    Combined #1 and #10 while at a hotel, then add #4 as dinner and/or breakfast (room service) in bed.

    • Combining things on the list is a bonus. Good for you!!!
      It really surprised me that we haven’t done some of these things in so long. I’m going to mark more off this list soon than just the first one.

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