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Lovely Weekend

on April 25, 2011

Dirk and I actually had a small vacation this weekend! Our son even commented as much.

We toured wineries….found a couple of good ones for sure and spent way too much money on wine. We are stocked up rather well now. And I look forward to uncorking a bottle tonight. The only problem will be deciding which bottle it will be.

We spent time with our youngest son and his girlfriend. Dirk and our son went fishing two mornings in a row. They really enjoyed that time together. I was invited and though fishing isn’t my thing for the most part, I’m more than willing to tag along. But I wanted them to have alone time. They’ve fought so much in the past and now are getting along so well. Dirk absolutely enjoyed this time alone with him.

I’m almost allergic to sun I say. I slather sunscreen on and still I can manage a burn. If not a burn, I at least tan under the sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin. I avoid long exposures to harsh sunlight as a general rule.

Even so, we spent time at the beach Sunday. Our son was working and I’ve been interested in what he does exactly. He rents jet skis on the beach. I wasn’t prepared for how physical the job is. Turning the skis around on the sand, holding the ski in the waves while riders get on, beaching the jets, and heading out to get people who have strayed too far or not come in on time. It’s not wonder he’s tired. Particularly the busy days. As the summer gets closer and more and more people show up at the beach, I can see his whole day being like it was the one time he was getting riders on all four skis at once. I have to admit, Dirk and I were rather proud of him. And he was so meticulous in giving each person renting the skis the instructions and safety tips.

We had a long, eventful, fun weekend that I need to be recuperating from but I have to work. 😦

BTW, both of us pointed out someone attractive to us. That isn’t unusual at all. What was is the fact we both felt they were too young.


4 responses to “Lovely Weekend

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    Sounds wonderful! I did some wine touring of my own last weekend and it was great!

  2. Miranda says:

    Wine touring sounds wonderful.
    It has been a long winter in my area and that sounds like the perfect way to start off the nicer weather.

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