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Busy Creative Time

on May 3, 2011

Something you may not know about me. I crochet.

Right now, I am crocheting a lot. I have been since a few months before Christmas. I learned from my grandmother at a young age. I let it go for periods of time but never forgot how.

Most of my years I’ve followed a pattern strictly. I didn’t deviate from it. Over the last few years I’ve learned to adapt them to something that better suits me or the idea of what I wanted to begin with. And now, I’ve been experimenting with my own. In the last year or two, I’ve been doing some original patterns. Designing? I’ve enjoyed that but I suck at writing them down.

I’m trying different yarns and hooks and gifting people with things. I can’t keep it all for myself. 🙂 And I’ve even done some things for charity.

I have a creative streak that I have to indulge. More at some times than others. I’ve used my photography for this as well but I just can not seem to get back into that for some reason.

Dirk just lets me spend what I feel we can afford (sometimes more) and listens to me tell him what I’ve done, and go on about the new yarn. I bought a book I’ve been wanting. Just a book with all kinds of stitches in it. Not a pattern book. But my imagination, and therefore mouth, just went on and on. I found him smiling at me. Because of the enjoyment and excitement I was getting by just looking at that book.

I have things to make on my list. Each family member gets to pick out an afghan for me to make them. I have things I want to try. And I come across things I want to do for others.

I spend all my free time (and some that should be used on the house) doing this right now. I may burn myself out at some point but even if I stop for a while, I know I’ll come back to this.

What’s something I don’t know about you?


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