Loving More Than One

Polyamory as it relates to my life and written from my perspective only. MY thoughts, feelings and opinions.

We Know Where We Are At

Dirk and I have been talking about what we want lately. And we have chosen to do it all I guess. Swing, FWB, poly. We’ve decided that it could all work for us on some level. We’ve decided that we are going to pursue this and we’ll work on it as things progress.

We attended a party this weekend and it was great for Dirk and I on several levels. Just socializing that much was awesome for us. We haven’t had many chances for meeting people at all lately with all that has been going on in our life as a whole this past year. So, seeing some old friends and meeting some people that will be new friends was great.

Being around so many people that are accepting of us was nice as well. This group, whether vanilla or not, was still so cool.

And apparently, I flirt. I don’t think I do that well. But it seems that some things that I consider “just being me” others see as flirting. Dirk and Eve explained that to me some. I’ll have to think on that some more. And it isn’t things I feel I can change because they are just who I am. Hmmmm…. The thing is, I’ve been compared unfavorably in recent years to others in this category. That’s the past I know but must have left more of an impression on me still than I was aware of.

I’m so very happy that Dirk had such a marvelous time. I had one as well but I get a certain kick when Dirk does. It could be partly because his time for such things is so very limited.

Thank you Jack for the party.