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Busy Times

on September 8, 2011

Going through some busy times these days. Not really fun times for the most part but busy.

Work is over the top because of the time of year it is. That’s just how it is and it won’t change.

Going on a trip to see our youngest son this weekend. Was going to take the motorcycle but the weather is looking too bad. Some rain is OK but not what we have forecasted. Will enjoy the trip any way. Only problem at this time is that it looks like Dirk will have to work over on Friday and we had planned to be gone by 5:00PM.

My nephew was supposed to get married in October but the Air Force changed those plans and it had to be bumped up to a little over a week from now. I’ve been working on his gift but it hasn’t been going as fast as I would like or need it too. I think I can still get it done by his wedding weekend but some things will have to wait while I do it.

Both our children are coming for the wedding so that means cleaning parts of the house that Dirk and I don’t use since they moved out. Gotta fit that in some as well.

It’s going to be fine. And I’m not really stressing over much of anything other than work.


2 responses to “Busy Times

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    Yikes, sounds crazy busy!! I hope you manage it all!!

  2. I finally have the gift finished and the trip to see our youngest went well.

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