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A Friend’s Blog

on September 21, 2011

I sometimes post a link to a friend’s blog here. She is insightful and well written as you can see here.

I thought she had many good points about how to handle compromise and I wanted to share them with you.

The following is my comments to her:

Very nice post, my friend.

As an accommodating person, I have allowed the lines to cross from compromise to sacrifice. Once you do that, it is hard to go back. They now have this expected behavior from you. They do not want to go back to being fair across the board.

Also notable for me is …”Sometimes, we find it hard to decide because we wouldn’t ask for what our SO is asking us for. But, even these moment can be hashed out in our head by considering the underlying implications.” Both my husband and I have been in this situation. And I think people should realize how important communication is here. You actually do have to ASK for something. If it isn’t something you want yourself, you most likely wouldn’t know your SO wants it.

Again, I enjoyed this post.


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