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I’m Not Ignoring You

on October 4, 2011

I’m not ignoring you, my blog. I’ve just been so busy and have so many things on my mind that I haven’t been able to settle down and write anything.

Now and until the end of the year, particularly the end of this month, is one of the busiest times I have at work. But I have a job, right?

My family is struggling. Both the boys have been laid off. Just when you think things are finally going their way, too. One has already moved and it took him a bit further away yet again. The other may have to seriously think about doing that as well.

I’ve got plenty of other stuff rolling around in my head as well. Sometimes there is so much that I can’t settle on anything. It’s like all of it has to roll around until it all lands in the other it wants before I can deal with it.  Once it does that, I can start to open each thing and process what I have to.  I need to remember to sit back and wait for that and not try to force things.



2 responses to “I’m Not Ignoring You

  1. IntrigueMe says:

    This is like the 5th post I’ve read tonight from someone saying they’re either taking a blog break or have been too busy to blog. Such is life this time of year, eh? lol

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