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A Somewhat Short But, Still Enjoyable Trip

on October 11, 2011

I really need to get a picture or two of OUR actual setup.

Dirk and I went to see our youngest in his newest abode this weekend. We went because his computer was supposed to be fixed and he has been in need of it rather badly. Upon taking the bubble wrap off on our arrival we found that to be false. Not a wasted trip but not one we’d have made if we had known.

Still it was enjoyable even if a bit short.

We took the motorcycle to Pensacola. A six hour trip the way we went. No interstate and you have to stop frequently for gas on one of those things. It was our first real trip on it and it went well. We enjoyed it so much. Found some really great deals on a couple of things we had been looking for to finish out what we were wanting for it. Now we are just looking at a couple of minor things like foot rests for me instead of the pegs. I think I’ll get some benefits in comfort from those. And maybe a cruise control for the thing.

Dirk still needs some boots in the future. The ones he is using are not perfect for this but they are working. Priorities. We just had a list of some things we’d like and what ever came up first that was within out price range would be gotten first. This happened to be some new saddle bags with the sissy bar bags to match. Too great of a deal to pass up even if they were not the first on the list. We adjusted. And we actually found a couple of leather jackets we each liked (and they match…not like us) that was also at a price too good to pass up. We got them without patches of any kind because we want to be able to indulge our personalities on those if we chose to. I’ve been thinking about a Betty Boop one and a Breast Cancer one for mine. No hurry. We seem to be pretty set now for anything we could possibly need for a while in regards to the motorcycle.

The trip back was rather windy and we were happy to use the new jackets instead of what we had with us. They helped much better with staying warm.

I can see us making more trips on the motorcycle when the opportunities arise. Or even making the opportunities. Maybe we can travel with others at times as well.

I’ll admit that this was a bit more tiring than riding in a car but so worth it.

While there, we had a blast with our youngest and his girlfriend. We went to an Irish Pub and the live performance was interactive and they had a good time as well. And they got to see the kind of things we tell them we’ve done and enjoy so much. Good time, good food, good company. The things memories are made of.



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