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Talking With My Children

on October 26, 2011

I had one child confront (?) me a little while ago about not being open about seeing others. That he thought we had come far enough in things that I wouldn’t keep it from him. Truth is, we aren’t dating any one. He was talking about swinging as well. And we aren’t doing that right now.

We just do not have the time or finances for much right now. When we do get time, it is usually because we have set aside one night a month for US to go on a regular date. Our relationship needs that. Call me crazy but I can’t cancel that one date we get to go on another one with someone else. We don’t have internet at home right now so, meeting or searching out others isn’t so easy either.

The other child, who recently got a divorce, I brought up non-monogamy with. I thought this was the perfect time to see if he had thought about whether he wanted to  live monogamously. If he could live monogamously. That’s what he wants. Monogamy. Which is fine with me. No problem at all.

Neither or our children really “get” how we can be non-monogamous. And I’ve never found a way to answer any questions from them in a way that helps. But, it isn’t something they want so, why should they be any different than all the others?

The biggest thing is that they will talk to us about it.


2 responses to “Talking With My Children

  1. Tilly Slaton says:

    I applaud you. What a wonderful feeling to know you have a string relationship with your children .. Enough to discuss your personal preferences. Good for you!

    • Yes it is great.

      Growing up was not that way for me. And there were definitely things I needed to discuss. I just wanted them to always know that we were there and they could talk with us about anything.

      First sex questions from them both were to me. They got age appropriate answers.

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