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on November 21, 2011

I’m a blessed woman.

Hubby had a motorcycle wreck but is healing up fine. I won’t go into details for autonomy’s sake but things could have been much worse. He kept his head. So, lucky he is going to be ok.  So, is the bike (he was worried).

But what I’m also blessed  in is my husband. I’m tired. He’s able to take care of himself mostly now but with doing all I had to for him in the beginning, trying to work some because so much of what I do is in my head and stuff like that, and then doing it all at the house, I’m even more aware of how much he contributes to that household in terms of work.

We don’t particularly have his and her chores. A few because we each do have our strong suits and some are obviously done better by one than the other.

He does so much. I listened this morning to one woman complain about working all day and coming home to having to cook by herself at night. So many women have to do that. I don’t. I can’t really think of anything he doesn’t help with other than checkbooks and such.

He’s great. I know this. And I do try not to take it for granted at any time. But, him being out of commission just makes me really take stock.


2 responses to “Blessed

  1. Jessica says:

    Glad that he is okay! Lucky man. And yes, it sounds like you are very lucky to have him. 😀

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