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A Big Step

on January 10, 2012

It’s a long story as to why my mother would need a place to live and it isn’t something I really would like to elaborate on. It upsets me and it would risk anonymity.

However, Dirk and I have offered for her to move here and live with us. Her and her dog. That’s a big step. I love my mother but she does “rub” at my nerves even on visits so living in the same house would most likely exasperate that somewhat.

Truthfully, I doubt she takes us up on the offer. Which will disappoint me in her reasons why she didn’t. I have a sister she used to live with but she moved across country. Mom was asked to go with them and refused. I feel it would have been good for her. She has been living with a sister that really doesn’t have the room for her and mom doesn’t have much privacy at all.

I think, ideally, it would work if mom rotated between the four of her children. Well, that’s ideally in the situation she is currently in. The actual idea would be for her to have her own place. But that isn’t possible at this time.

I want my mom to be happy, to feel she belongs somewhere.


4 responses to “A Big Step

  1. alphasiren says:

    This is something we all eventually have to face as we get older and watch our parents decline. My maternal grandfather lived with my mother from the time he was 96 until he was 99 and those were truly wonderful years for us to be with him. I hope that things smooth out and you find a solution that work well for all of you and helps your mother feel at ease~ xox

    • Thank you. I suppose I should have stated it isn’t due to Mom’s health that she needs a place to live. It’s a financial thing mostly.

      Even with all the adjustments we’d have to make, I do hope she takes me up on it. I have a room that she could call her own. Privacy. She can do with it what she wants to.

      There are reasons she won’t do it. And those are the very same ones that get me upset. I have to remember she is an adult and can make her own decisions. I may not like them any more than she likes some of the ones I make.

  2. Addie says:

    I hope she finds the right place for her soon. Also, the dog. 😀

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