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Is it Obvious What I Believe?

Is it obvious to those who read my blog what I believe?

A comment was made to me about what my blog was about that I do not totally agree with.

So, a review of my journey in very few words.

I started this journey believing in monogamy. Though not a truly jealous sort it is what I was raised believing. After discussions, my husband and I took the fork in the road that led to swinging. While enjoyable, and at some point preferable to me, this eventually led to polyamory. Which I do now call myself. Though, I’m not above the play of swinging.

It did take a while to get to the place of believing polyamory a viable option for me. It takes a while to process how you were raised with things you are presented with and to determine if both can coexist or if you are completely going outside your realm of experience. The latter was it for me. I was not denouncing monogamy at all. Or saying polyamory was the only way to go. I reached the point of saying that I believe both are possible. It all depends on what you want, what works for those involved and how hard you are willing to work at things if a change is what you are looking for.

I just won’t believe any longer that there is only one way to have a relationship.

Currently, we are what a fellow blogger calls “accidentally monogamous”. I haven’t changed how I feel at all. My relationship with my boyfriend ended. After a hard difficult time, I was put off even trying for another by some pressure I received from someone to enter into a relationship. So, it was just simpler and less stressful to not pursue another relationship at the time. Then, I started a business on the side and now I just can not find the time. I have trouble enough seeing my husband. We have talked and are still not opposed to outside relationships. We just currently are low on the energy to pursue them. 🙂


I believe this is a great way to handle this. Buckets…I’m truly going to have to remember this.

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This was initially posted by someone else, on another site. I wish I had had this kind of knowledge 15 years ago:

My DH was NOT great at articulation at the start. It isn’t so much that he cannot articulate. It is that he comes from a background where articulation put you in the dog house. It took him a while to believe and then do and the see what I am different.

YES, if you tell me something I do not like to hear I may have a minor side GRRR moment.

I still welcome the news. No, you are not in the dog house. I just need to steam valve on the side for a moment before I can return to this thing and address it like a sane person. I go ballistic at information withheld. I do not go ballistic at information given that I don’t love…

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