Loving More Than One

Polyamory as it relates to my life and written from my perspective only. MY thoughts, feelings and opinions.

A Great Christmas!

Even my children have said this was one of the best times they’ve had at Christmas in a while.

It was favorite one for Dirk and I. Not much stress over who to spend the time with. When it turned out our youngest and his GF could travel with us then that was the end of that.

Of course there was some stress over making sure I spent some time with each of the boys and my mom and sister. It worked out but I am tired.

Tired mostly I guess because the drive back was long and late. Getting behind wrecks on the interstate causes that. But I couldn’t get upset because I was thankful it wasn’t us involved.

I couldn’t rest on the trip back as I planned because I was requested to bring a puppy back for the sister who lives her. Good pup but still time consuming.  She was happy. Even though doing so meant I didn’t have room left to bring her gifts back and she’ll have to wait on them to be mailed.

I’m really up in arms about my oldest. He is so homesick right now. He is missing us badly. He hated to see us go. I miss him too. But I truly think he needed the time with family more than the rest of us. I was happy to have had to opportunity to give it to him.

He’s met a girl and spent some time with her around us and her family. I hope he takes it slowly. She appears the type that would do that but I’ve been fooled in the past.

Then there’s not quite a family gathering unless someone pisses you off in some way. It wasn’t my stepfather. It was my BIL. Long story but it ended in him invading my son’s privacy on his computer and we had some words. Not a lot and not bad. We did well in getting our feelings across without a blown out deal. But it added to the true holiday package didn’t it? 😉

Oh and no snow 😦 but colder weather was nice. Too much food and homemade candy though.

P.S. Nothing was mentioned about our alternative lifestyle. That may have helped with some things.



Home for the Holidays!

I’m going home for Christmas for the first time in many years. It worked out that we both could this year. We’ll be with my mother, one sister and her family, and both my children!

Don’t want you to think I forgot about you though.