Loving More Than One

Polyamory as it relates to my life and written from my perspective only. MY thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Defeat Was In the Victory

Defeat Was In The Victory by Carl Stoynoff

were it not for the blood in my heart
the temperature of my emotional climate
would freeze from the ice in my eyes,

from a frozen tundra the Sun appeared
whilst melting my cynical faith in angels
and made me believe in saving a lost soul

were it not for the razor edged teeth
that held onto the throat of the dove
a broken wing could have soared the Heavens

from out of my predictions came The End
of a battle on the killing fields of survival
with no soldiers left to fight the ware

were it not for the Trojan horse of beauty
that fooled the minds of everyone's religion
the truth would have been seen by blind eyes

from diamond mines and golden ingots hung
the temptation of Lucifer's luring promises
of life ever after once thine temple falls

were it not for the weakness of wants and needs
that drove in shiny chariots of fire
the baptism of oceans of love would have conquered

from here I stand, a fallen disciple of faith
in what became of failed promises of loyalty
when Judas stabbed the reflection in the mirror

were it not for the blood that my mother bled
how could I not forgive without understanding
that the Defeat was truly in the Victory...

...for a Dove that thought she could fly in a gilded
cage that has not an open door to the skies.

...il mio cuore,
...la mia anima,
...il mio angelo

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