Loving More Than One

Polyamory as it relates to my life and written from my perspective only. MY thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Thought Question #715

I’ve thought about this and I think I just keep coming back to this one thing.


If you have that for whomever you are in a relationship with, I feel the rest of what’s needed follows. Regardless of the type of relationship it is.

I actually have three guidelines or criteria for a romantic relationship: respect, trust and integrity (love is a given in this situation I suppose). If you have those for someone, I truly believe that it can work.

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Thought Question #697

I’m enjoying these thought questions. Some I’m just finding interesting and others well, they make me think and possibly share more of myself with you than I would be. At least here lately. And they help this overworked mind stay writing.

One sentence version:

My relationship with my father is non-existent.


Longer version.

I have no contact with my bio dad. He left when I was very young and I did re-establish contact when I was an adult. He hadn’t changed but I could say at least I tried.

I have very limited contact with my step father. It would be none at all if possible. Seeing that he is still a part of my mother’s life and also that of my baby sister’s, there is some. I won’t go into the why’s of it all at this time. And I may have shared a little already but I’ll consider doing a whole post on it if I feel I can do it without compromising my autonomy.

I LOVE my father-in-law. He is my father figure. Thank you for him Dirk.


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Thought Question #696

10 years ago? I have to really think about this. Long term memory is not my strong suit and, even though this isn’t a huge expanse of time, I have so much going on in my head right now that sorting this all out made me really have to think.

First, we weren’t non-monogamous in any way. Not too many years from it and the fantasies of group sex were there in our lives just not a realization yet. Polyamory wasn’t even a thought or an awareness of its existence. Pretty vanilla in most ways.

We were still rather active in organized religion though the organized part had begun to pale for us. But we were a mainstream, mostly normal couple at this time.

Still 2 years away from being grandparents at an early age. Started the hormonal thing with the boys pretty heavy with the oldest son.

Very busy with extra curricular activities for them. On the go constantly.

No health issues due to age. Eyesight was still about the same as my young years (nearsighted). We took that for granted. The being in fairly good health and able to get up and go with out making bone cracking noises. 🙂

It was a good time for our marriage. We had gotten past the general problems of the earlier years. We were starting on the ones that all the work had made possible. Though we communicated rather well, it wasn’t what we would later be able to do. (Even now, I find that we don’t discuss things as much as we were while in multiple relationships. When something isn’t absolutely necessary you let it slide.)

We were on the cusp is seems of some life changing decisions. Little did we know.

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Thought Question #694


We think that we are always going to have a tomorrow. A tomorrow to be with someone, a tomorrow to get something done, a tomorrow to tell someone something, or just a tomorrow period.

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Thought Question #689

I’ve been turned to this site by a new blogger I’m reading.

Since I seem to be wallowing in the sameness of life, same drama, same relationships and all and I’ve been a bit stressed at work so I’m not thinking well to gather my own thoughts….and I happen to like some of these….I’m adding these to my blog to get my brain going again at the least.


Good quality time with those I love. Particularly of the romantic kind. Currently, I’m only in one relationship but, I know from experience that quality time (and sometimes quantity) is not easy to come by with any relationship. I truly enjoy spending time with those I love.


Thought Questions 687


There is nothing like the release of laughter. It’s the best medicine for ails you in my opinion.

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